Sunday, May 20, 2012

PCT searching broken in Patent Grabber

The folks at WIPO made some changes to their searching system that broke Patent Grabber's PCT search function. I have identified a fix and will release a new version shortly. Many thanks to Patent Grabber user Ramiro for reporting the problem!


  1. I have recently upgraded to Mountain Lion (10.8.1) on a Retina MBP. Patent Grabber now downloads US patents as separated .tif files instead of downloading and merging .pdf files. I've made no known changes to my workflow or to Patent Grabber. Using V5.9.5. How do I revert Patent Grabber to download in pdf format? Thank you.

    1. I am aware of the problem with Mountain Lion. Patent Grabber is no longer converting the TIFF patent images from the USPTO to PDF format, so you are left with the TIFFs and an error message saying that Patent Grabber could not find any PDFs. While I look for a fix you can download US patents using the International function. Just make sure to precede the patent number with the country code (US).