Sunday, November 23, 2014

Patent Grabber 6.3 is now available!

Patent Grabber 6.3 is now available! This version is a free upgrade for licensed users.

Added the ability for a user to save European Patent Office credentials for their copy of Patent Grabber. That allows Patent Grabber to operate at maximum speed without liklihood of being locked out by the EPO for over usage. Obtaining EPO credentials is free, and is highly recommended for all users who: 1) use US Patent Biblio with "Include Family Identifiers" checked, 2) use US Patent Biblio +, download EP, PCT or International patent documents, or download INPADOC legal status reports.

See the "Preferences" section of the Patent Grabber instructions for a description of how you can obtain a free EPO "Open Patent Services" account and then generate credentials for you to use with your copy of Patent Grabber.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Family-izer™ patent family web apps are back in action!

Family-izer and Family-izer Solo both stopped working recently. We tracked down the problem to an unannounced change at our ISP. We made the appropriate adjustments and both are back in action!

So if you need INPADOC patent family information, for one patent or hundreds, please give them a try!