Saturday, June 25, 2016

Patent Grabber 6.4.1 (Final) is now available for download!

Patent Grabber(TM) Version 6.4.1 is a FREE upgrade for registered users of Version 5.x and 6.x. When you start Ver. 6.4.1, it should automatically open up in its registered state. If that does not happen, enter your username and registration code.

The Mac OS X version is now code signed for your protection. Check your settings under "Secuity & Privacy" --> "General" to make sure it is set to allow apps downloaded from "Mac App Store and identified developers." We will release a code signed Windows version of Patent Grabber as soon as we can.


Fixed a lot of “link rot” issues.

Added ability to mix U.S. issued patents and published applications in the “Download” list.

Added the ability to save everything that is downloaded into a single Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file. Especially useful if you are just downloading the bibliographic pages from multiple patents and you want them combined into a single PDF document.
See the "Preferences" section of the Patent Grabber instructions for a description of how you can obtain a free EPO "Open Patent Services" (OPS) account and then generate credentials for you to use with your copy of Patent Grabber. Those credentials will reduce the chance of the EPO temporarily locking you out of their OPS databases for overusage. Several of Patent Grabber's features make use of OPS.


Fixed a lot of “link rot” issues.

Download for Mac OS X

Download for Windows