Sunday, July 17, 2011

Patent Grabber(TM) 5.9 is now available

Patent Grabber 5.9 can now be downloaded directly from the Patent Tools page of the Blazing Dawn Software web site. At the request of a UK venture capital company, this new version allows users to create an enhanced spreadsheet of bibliographic information for U.S. patents. In addition to the information on the face of the patent, the "US Patent Biblio +" function additionally contains for each patent in your list:

1) the corresponding foreign patents from INPADOC,
2) the legal status of the patent from INPADOC,
3) full description of the main class of the patent,
4) the assignees of the cited patents,
5) the count of cited patents,
6) a list of later-issued patents that cite the patent ("forward citations"),
7) the count of forward citations (in case you are interested in that statistic) and
8) the assignees of the forward citations

This function is free to use for lists of up to 20 patents. Usage with lists of >20 patents requires a Patent Grabber license (which is quite inexpensive at $30).

Version 5.9 additionally fixes EPO and PCT searching that had been broken by changes in the EPO and WIPO search systems. EPO searching is no longer limited to the first 30 hits.

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